The Greatest Karate Fails

Published:2:00 pm EDT, October 26, 2010| Updated:11:38 am EDT, March 28, 2012|

Karate, Kung Fu, Ninjutsu, Tae Kwon Do - martial arts have been practiced for thousands of years and require years of hard work and dedication to master. And for nearly as long as they've been around there have been jackasses who showoff and end up looking like morons in front of their sensai... or the group of people at the shopping mall karate demonstration. Here's a few favorites, some recent, some old - all moronic.

Be the Rod, Break the Rod
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Being a martial arts instructor, it's important that you show dominance over your students at all times. Just be sure you can break that rod before class starts unless you want to be handing out refunds.

Failed Karate Punch
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You know what the most crucial thing about breaking bricks with your hand is... don't miss.

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