The 20 Worst Rap Videos

Published:4:01 am EDT, April 27, 2010| Updated:2:03 pm EDT, April 2, 2012|

The 20 Worst Rap Videos

Hip-hop: the first truly original American musical form since jazz. Starting out as a street-level art form in the Boogie Down Bronx, it's become a multi-million dollar industry. And when anything becomes popular, horrible imitations begin. So it is with rap - just about every mook on Earth thinks they can bust rhymes, from Christian motivational speakers to Sudanese immigrants. In this feature, 20 of the most laughably awful rap videos the world has ever seen.

Bangs "Take U To Da Movies"
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I don't want to make fun of anybody trying to get out of crippling poverty in a country like the Sudan, but this may be the most downbeat romantic rap I've ever heard. The awesome thing is that Bangs has way more tracks online.

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