The 20 Worst Couples

Published:3:28 pm EDT, March 31, 2010| Updated:11:58 am EDT, November 7, 2012|

Tanned Couple

Looking good, bro. Lean like a bag of beef jerky. Also way to transplant a dude's face on a hooker's body. You're a man of brains as well as brawn.

Lion King Couple

I love the Lion King. You love magical princesses, airbrushing and Moon Pies. Can a love like this stand the test of time?

Prom Couple

Dude, three hours later the most awkward post-prom makeout ever was unleashed on the face of the Earth. Scientists are still studying it.

Short Couple

She's actually standing on a couple phone books. And he's standing in a hole.

Lesbian Mullet Couple

They share clothes! And everything else. That leather vest is hotly contested though.

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