The 5 Hottest Videos of Megan Fox

Published:8:01 am EDT, June 21, 2013| Updated:12:11 pm EDT, June 19, 2013|

Megan Fox

When FHM names you the "Sexiest Woman Alive," you know you're doing something right. Megan Fox, you're doing something very right. Let's take a journey through documented proof of Megan Fox growing hotter with age...

1. FHM Photoshoot (2008)

This is the shoot that started it all - back when Megan Fox's fame as a Transformers gal propelled her into the universe of celebrity sex symbols. Megan proves that she is indeed an untapped naturel beauty.

2. GQ Photoshoot (2008)

Inhale deeply before proceeding into this burning hot shoot with GQ, where Megan cools herself down with some ice...

3. Esquire Photoshoot (2009)

Megan Fox lounges around the pool and practices her bedside manner in this classic Esquire shoot.

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4. Cosmopolitan Photoshoot (2009)

Megan officially becomes a woman-star, dressing up and posing in this Cosmo shoot where she talks about being a "bad girl." Yes, women's magazines can be naughty too.

5. Armani Underwear Commercial (2013)

Megan Fox models underwear. 'Nuff said.

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