‘Polar Bare’ Trend of Posing Nude in the Snow is the New Planking

Published:10:58 am EDT, January 22, 2013| Updated:1:39 pm EDT, February 22, 2013|

Remember "planking?" That horrible trend of lying stiff in unusual places that was eventually followed by the equally silly spoof of "owling." Well, now there's a new photocraze on Facebook that is slowly starting to catch fire on the net, "polar baring." It's pretty simple really, strip down to your birthday suit and snap a photo of yourself in the snow. Hello fun and frostbite!

brunette in snow

jackass in snow

topless girl in snow

topless in the snow

nippy in snow

chillin in the snow

snow balls

snow jugs

snow shoot

star panties

polar bare

polar bare

polar bare

snow babe

Via Daily Mail

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