The 20 Hottest Bollywood Actresses

Published:8:39 am EDT, September 20, 2010| Updated:1:27 pm EDT, July 9, 2013|

The 20 Hottest Bollywood Actresses

We're all about keeping it global here at Heavy - we're not some bunch of Americocentric blinkered xenophobes, no sir. We happily admit that hot chicks come from everywhere on Earth. One fine source of lovelies is the Indian film industry, colloquially referred to as Bollywood. In this feature, twenty of the foxiest lasses to ever wear a sari. Let's get it on.

Shilpa Shetty

Shilpa Shetty has had some exposure outside of India, most notably on the British edition of reality TV atrocity Big Brother, where she was the victim of some cruel racial slurs. If you needed any more proof that racism is wrong, there it is.

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