The 5 Hottest Videos of Genevieve Morton

Published:10:55 am EDT, December 3, 2013| Updated:10:59 am EDT, December 4, 2013|

Genevieve Morton Genevieve Morton is a South African model who's been featured in everywhere from her home's editions of GQ and Sports Illustrated, as well as the original editions of Esquire, GQ, FHM and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue from 2010 until this year. And if you can't find any copies of those online or in your local library, then you can just google Gavin DeGraw's video for "Sweeter." She also made a cameo in there. Gavin has good taste, but you can see even Sweeter videos of Genevieve Morton below!

5. Esquire Puts Genevieve Morton "In Her Place" (2012)

In an episode of Esquire's "Me In My Place," Genevieve Morton stretches out on her bed in a very stimulating matter.

4. Genevieve Morton in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit (2012)

If Genevieve Morton came out of a car in her bikini, would you pick her up?

3. A Profile of Genevieve Morton (2011)

In this shoot for SI, Genevieve makes friends with a guitar, yacht, and hammock. They were all very pleased to meet her...

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2. This Year's SI Swimsuit (2013)

Genevieve Morton celebrates her most recent year posing for Sports Illustrated on both a bed and beach. Double the trouble, double the fun...

1. Genevieve Morton is FHM's 100 Sexiest Woman in the World (2012)

This FHM shoot is like a recurring elevator ride. Our eyes wonder up and down Genevieve's body in a vertical direction. Not that anyone's complaining or anything...

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