The 20 Awesomest Perfectly Timed Military Photos

Published:1:15 pm EDT, January 23, 2013| Updated:5:50 pm EDT, February 7, 2013|

perfectly timed military photos

Stand at attention, these 20 jaw dropping, perfectly timed photos highlight the amazing photography of the military in action. From the Air Force, to the Navy, to the front lines of the Army and Marines, these photos give a whole new level of awe to the men and women serving their country.

uss iowa

military skydiving

laser gun

tank firing

machine gun fire

eating mud

fighter jet

lightning over aircraft carrier


fire in the hole

military explosion portrait

civil war cannon fire

cannon fire

bazooka boom

cannon boom


bayonets in midair

jet takeoff

girl and her military father

america skydiving

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