Tamagotchi is Back This Christmas

Published:11:24 am EDT, November 25, 2013| Updated:11:24 am EDT, November 25, 2013|


Tamagotchi returns. The 1996 toy sold over 79 million units and this Christmas it's back with some new features (but the original graphics).

The new Tamagotchis have a "bump" feature that allows Tamagotchis to interact, comparable to some smart phone applications.

Bandai describes them as, "Part fashion, part friendship, part community and all fun, the new Tamagotchi Friends combines the nurturing features and simple play pattern of the beloved handheld virtual pet, with exciting new entertainment that we believe will really resonate with Tamagotchi fans."

Tamagotchi might be the perfect reasonably priced gift to keep kids distracted and teach them about owning a cyber-pet this holiday season.

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