Macy’s iBeacon: The Customer Tracking Device That Offers Deals

Published:1:42 pm EDT, November 21, 2013| Updated:1:48 pm EDT, November 21, 2013|

Macy's is testing a new Apple product known as an iBeacon in its flagship stores in New York and San Francisco.

The Bluetooth-based microlocation system will enable Macy's to gain data about customer's walking paths and serve up relevant offers based on floor or department.

The transmitters used to to track shoppers are called "shopBeacons," and they may represent an exciting new future of home and internet shopping. For instance, if one likes an item from Macy's at home, the shopBeacon could notify you, upon entering the store, that they carry it.

On the technical side, the shopBeacon hardware, a rounded dome about the size of a fist, can run for up to five years on a single battery and costs a mere $40.

iBeacon technology has also been used in baseball stadiums.

Check out the video demonstrating the technology above.

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