Snapchat Introduces ‘Stories’ Feature; Snaps Sent Within 24 Hours Are Saved

Published:10:28 am EDT, October 3, 2013| Updated:10:28 am EDT, October 3, 2013|

Snapchat has introduced a new feature called "Stories" to the popular social messaging services. Stories form a compilation of chats sent within a 24 hour period. You create your story throughout the day by tapping on the "My Story" button as you send chats to specified friends. These messages get added to an album which friends can keep viewing. The size will fluctuate since the amount of messages you send each day will differ.

This new update has offered another level of conversation for Snapchat but is similar to some of Facebook's most popular features like news feed and timeline since it provides a quicker response for friends to stay engaged with others. CEO Evan Spiegel spoke at Techcrunch Disrupt last month revealing some of his upcoming plans. Facebook was a frequent topic of discussion for Spiegel. Stories has potential to offer considerable advertising opportunities for brands too.

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This is clearly Spiegel's response to a "send all" feature or group messaging. The update is now available for iOS and Android apps and can be downloaded from their respective stores.

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