Reuters Twitter Account Hacked By Syrian Electronic Army

Published:7:01 am EDT, July 30, 2013| Updated:11:03 am EDT, July 30, 2013|

On Monday night, Reuters' official Twitter feed @thomsonreuters was hacked by "unauthorized individuals."

The attacks began at 6:30 p.m. ET when posts appeared containing political cartoons supporting Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad. The Syrian Electronic Army took responsibility by leaving their signature within a hashtag.

The news organization suspended the account at 7:40 ET but it is now back up and running. A few websites like Buzzfeed were able to capture the messages seen below before they were taken down.



This Twitter feed is the corporate cousin to its breaking news profile @reuters. The other difference between the two accounts is that the corporate one has about 83,000 followers compared with 3 million on the official source.

The SEA has been on a roll with their hacking attempts , adding Reuters, AP, The Onion, NPR and more to their list. Fortunately, the attack didn't cause serious damage compared to the AP intrusion back in April.

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