‘Skype Sex’ Gets Real: 5 Fast Facts About Durex’s New ‘Fundawear’ [EXPLICIT VIDEO]

Published:1:32 pm EDT, April 18, 2013| Updated:1:34 pm EDT, April 18, 2013|

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We've all been there.

Late night, on Skype with our significant other...or not. Perhaps after a few drinks.

"Show me yours, I'll show you mine."

But now, Durex has a new way to make online play little more fun, with technologically advanced underwear that responds to an iPhone app.

Here's what you need to know.

1. Durex Australia Broke the Story on YouTube
Durex Australia released a YouTube video of a couple playing with 'Fundawear.' Watch below. NSFW.

2. It is Billed as the Future of Foreplay
Whether this is means it is completely restricted to Skype remains to be seen.

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3. It is Still in the Developmental Stage
It won't be available to the general public anytime soon, but interested couples can apply to be product testers.

4. It is Controlled Via an iPhone App
Two partners can control each other's Fundawear via a Skype-integrated iPhone app.


5. "Fundawear is a Project About Transferring Touch Across Vast Distances"
Technical director, Ben Moir, explains in this YouTube video:

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