Amazon Will Build Private Cloud for CIA

Published:1:35 pm EDT, March 20, 2013| Updated:1:44 pm EDT, March 20, 2013|


Amazon Web Services recently signed a major deal with the CIA to build a private cloud. Over the next ten years, Amazon Web Services will receive $600 million. The FCW reported, the customized cloud will help with “keeping up with emerging technologies like Big Data in a cost-effective manner," something thats not currently available under its current IT setup. According to reports, the new cloud will be secure and will be packed with firewalls. Amazon and the CIA have not disclosed any information about the deal yet, but CIA officials have been speaking about Amazon’s model for months now. Back in Feb, Gus Hunt, CIA Chief Technology officer was quoted saying, "Think Amazon – that model really works," this was in regards to purchasing software services.

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