Google+ Sign-In: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Published:1:29 pm EDT, February 26, 2013| Updated:9:43 pm EDT, February 26, 2013|

Google announced a new sign-in feature to the Google+ platform. The new feature will allow users to sign in to web and mobile apps using existing Google account login information. The new feature is simple to use, secure and will block any social spam. Here are 5 fast facts you need to know about Google+ Sign-In.

1. You Can Use Existing Login Information To Sign-In
google+-signin(Photo Credit: Google)
Google announced this afternoon its users can sign in to apps and websites using Google account information. Companies like Fitbit, Fancy, the Guardian, USA Today and Shazam have already signed up to use Google+ Sign-In.

2. You Will Have More Control Over Who Sees Your Posts
Just like Facebook, you will be able to control who sees your information. You can share information with one of your "circles," an individual, or make it so no one can see your posts at all.

3.Google Created New buttons For Interactive Sharing
Google has created new buttons on Google+ for interactive sharing. Developers will be able to direct users to their mobile apps or to their websites using the following buttons: buy, share and review. Google is looking to add at least 100 more actions so developers can add more to their posts.

4. If You Browse Fancy On Your Device You Will Be Directed to Google Play Store
If you use Fancy on a mobile browser and you are logged in using Google+ Sign-In, you will automatically be directed to the Google Play Store. By doing this, Google is expecting to get more installations.

5. Google Will Be Launching Its new Sign-In Service Globally

Over the next few days Google will be launching its new sign-in service globally. It will be available for web-apps, iOS, and Android.

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