Tom Clancy

  1. Tom Clancy, American Literary Legend: 10 Photos of the Late Author

    The author of The Hunt for Red October and Patriot Games has passed away at age 66.

    October 2, 2013
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    Tom Clancy, best-selling author of books including “The Hunt For Red October” has died. Take a look at his best quotes from life as well as his works.

    October 2, 2013
  3. Famed Author Tom Clancy Dies at 66

    Famed thriller author Tom Clancy has died at age 66 in a Baltimore hospital.

    October 2, 2013
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    Tom Clancy’s controllable espionage adventure is returning…

    May 22, 2013
  5. New On Netflix: The Hunt For Red October

    Should we be worried about the Soviet nuclear sub headed straight for American waters? Alec Baldwin as Jack Ryan is on the case in this top-notch Tom Clancy thriller.

    April 5, 2011