TED Talks

  1. TED: Cut Your Food In Half

    Cookbook author (and geek) Nathan Myhrvold talks about his magisterial work, “Modernist Cuisine” — and shares the secret of its cool photographic illustrations.

    July 15, 2011
  2. TED: Building a Park in the Sky

    New York was planning to tear down the High Line, an abandoned elevated railroad in Manhattan, when Robert Hammond and a few friends suggested: Why not make it a park?

    July 14, 2011
  3. TED: Meet e-Patient Dave

    When Dave deBronkart learned he had a rare and terminal cancer, he turned to a group of fellow patients online — and found a medical treatment that even his own doctors didn’t know. It saved his life

    July 13, 2011
  4. TED: Gaming Can Make a Better World

    Games like World of Warcraft give players the means to save worlds, and incentive to learn the habits of heroes. What if we could harness this gamer power to solve real-world problems?

    July 11, 2011
  5. TED: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Orgasms

    Mary Roach delves into obscure scientific research, some of it centuries old, to make 10 surprising claims about sexual climax, ranging from the bizarre to the hilarious.

    July 8, 2011
  6. TED: What We Can Learn from Spaghetti Sauce

    Tipping Point author Malcolm Gladwell gets inside the food industry’s pursuit of the perfect spaghetti sauce — and makes a larger argument about the nature of choice and happiness.

    July 7, 2011
  7. TED: In the Internet Age, Dance Evolves…

    The LXD (the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers) electrify the stage with an emerging global street-dance culture, revved up by the Internet.

    July 6, 2011
  8. TED: Teach Every Child About Food

    Sharing powerful stories from his anti-obesity project in Huntington, W. Va., TED Prize winner Jamie Oliver makes the case for an all-out assault on our ignorance of food.

    July 5, 2011
  9. TED: J.J. Abrams on The Mystery Box

    J.J. Abrams traces his love for the unseen mystery – a passion thats evident in his films and TV shows, including Cloverfield, Lost and Alias — back to its magical beginnings.

    July 4, 2011
  10. TED: A Civil Response to Violence

    Emiliano Salinas, son of former president Carlos Salinas de Gortari, confronts the current climate of violence in Mexico — or rather, how Mexican society responds to it.

    July 1, 2011
  11. TED: On Being Just Crazy Enough

    Comedian Joshua Walters, who’s bipolar, walks the line between mental illness and mental “skillness” in this funny, thought-provoking talk.

    June 30, 2011
  12. TED: A History of the Universe in Sound

    Artist-technologist Honor Harger listens to the weird and wonderful noises of stars and planets and pulsars. In her work, she tracks the radio waves emitted by ancient celestial objects and turns them into sound.

    June 29, 2011
  13. TED: Different Ways of Knowing

    Daniel Tammet has linguistic, numerical and visual synesthesia — meaning that his perception of words, numbers and colors are woven together into a new way of perceiving and understanding the world.

    June 28, 2011
  14. TED: A Future Beyond Traffic Gridlock

    Bill Ford is a car guy — his great-grandfather was Henry Ford, and he grew up inside the massive Ford Motor Co. So when he worries about cars’ impact on the environment, and about our growing global gridlock problem, it’s worth a listen.

    June 27, 2011