1. WATCH: Haunting Trayvon Martin PSA Video Targets ‘Stand Your Ground’

    A new PSA has emerged taking a stance against the “Stand Your Ground” laws across the United States depicts the killing of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman.

    August 20, 2013
  2. PSA Calls Out Amanda Bynes Fandom ‘Stop Caring About Amanda’

    It’s time we pull together as a country, a planet, a race, and stop caring about Amanda Bynes.

    May 30, 2013
  3. ‘Crotches Kill’, Says Alberta Distracted Driving PSA

    An Alberta campaign against distracted driving is raising eyebrows in the province with large billboards that proclaim “Crotches Kill”.

    February 22, 2013
  4. WATCH: Nerd PSA Calls Out Cute Hipster Girls Posing as Nerds

    Real nerds are tired of hot chicks in glasses posing as nerds. Okay, really they’re just bitter those hot chicks still aren’t having sex with them.

    January 22, 2013
  5. Ron Swanson’s Bacon Shortage PSA: How To Survive the Bacon Shortage

    When it comes to bacon, there is no higher authority than Ron Swanson. He’ll get us through this bacon shortage.

    October 13, 2012
  6. First World Problems PSA: What Are You Gonna Do With All That Food?!

    You just opened a bag of chips, but only have half a jar of salsa left. What are you gonna do with all those chips?! #LifeIsMiserable

    October 9, 2012
  7. Bullies For America: Wussy Kids Need Us

    Human evolution needs bullies. How else are the puss-ass cowards of the school yard going to become the great innovators of the future?

    September 5, 2012
  8. 1990s Middle Schoolers Made Shocking Internet Prophecy

    The chosen ones will predict the great web of knowledge and will wear Reebok Pumps… junior high kids were way ahead on the Internet’s mass appeal.

    August 15, 2012
  9. 1990s Fireworks PSA Helps Kids Avoid Danger and Fun

    Play with fireworks and you’ll definitely loose some fingers, but on the plus side, you’ve now got a catchy new nickname!

    July 3, 2012
  10. Dubstep HoverCat is the Future

    People normally fall into one of two categories: cat people or dog people. As great as man’s best friend is, let me ask you this, “Can your dog hover in midair?”

    June 13, 2012
  11. Vertical Video Syndrome

    Those smart-assed but loveable puppets Glove and Boots are back to educate technology crippled folks around the world on how to properly shoot a camera phone video. Don’t let Vertical Video syndrome happen to you.

    June 6, 2012
  12. Andy Samberg’s Cannibal PSA

    Andy Samberg wants to remind people everywhere, that there are plenty of non-human alternatives out there for your next meal. Try a hamburger instead of your neighbor. It tastes a lot better and you won’t lose a friend.

    June 6, 2012
  13. Put an End to Cat Boredom

    There’s a CATastrosphe throughout the country that can no longer be ignored: cat boredom. Learn the warning signs, seek help, and get your cat mildly interested in you again.

    May 23, 2012
  14. Weekend Grab Bag: Batman Art, Inappropriate Bill Clinton

    The gears of the Internet were in full motion this week, churning out a fresh batch of mutated weirdness that we’ve come to know and love. Check out the tasty goodness that cyber space was dishing out this week. Open wide…

    April 28, 2012