Portal 2

  1. Portal 2 Takes a Note From Beyonce

    I’m just gonna say it, Portal might as well be the game version of Glee. So why not do a cover o Beyonce’s “If I Were a Boy”?

    May 7, 2012
  2. Portal “Good Enough for Science”

    Jeremy Garren cut a Portal tribute video with the audio and video from various trailers for Portal and Portal 2, splicing them together to create a mash-up full of robot mayhem.

    March 29, 2012
  3. This is Aperture

    This Portal 2 tribute in the style of “This is Halloween” from The Nightmare Before Christmas, with its creepy technology gone awry lyrics may just be the greatest game tribute so far this year.

    January 31, 2012
  4. These Go to 11 Awards: Top Games

    Choosing the 11 best games of 2011 was mighty tough, given the absurd amount of amazing games that came out these year. But then again, that’s never a bad thing.

    December 29, 2011
  5. These Go to 11 Awards: Top Gaming Tributes

    One can enjoy video games by simply playing them, but some really go the extra mile in an effort to achieve Youtube fame. These are the top gaming tributes of 2011.

    December 26, 2011
  6. Portal: No Escape

    Portal has had more fan flicks, mash-ups and spoofs than just about any game in recent memory. So how about one more, very well made short film to top off that plate of Portal goodness?

    August 29, 2011
  7. Geometric Based Optical Illusions The Portal Way

    Maybe if your math teacher in high school had used Portal 2 design as a model, class wouldn’t have been so nap inducing. Something most of us know all too well.

    August 26, 2011
  8. The Portal 2 Rock Opera

    It’s absolutely amazing what some folks can do with pre-existing footage that’s cut the right way, and accompanied by the right soundtrack.

    August 18, 2011
  9. Portal Kombat

    A Portal / Mortal Kombat fusion, could such awesomeness be possible? Just imagine the fatalities you could cook up. Coinality, Gravitality, Testicality. The possibilities are endless.

    July 26, 2011
  10. Left 4 Dead 2 Meets Portal 2

    Via the community campaign Suicide Blitz 2. Unfortunately, you’ll have to deal with the sounds of two dopey chicks playing, but that’s what mute buttons are for.

    July 9, 2011
  11. A Random Zelda Tune With Portal 2

    We all see and hear different things, and this is for those who are reminded of the indoors music from Ocarina of Time when playing Portal. All three of you.

    May 18, 2011
  12. Even Crazier Portal Cube Trickery

    That same insanely great Portal player from before is back when maneuvers so awesome that you won’t know what’s happening half the time.

    May 14, 2011
  13. Can You Handle Portal Cubes As Well As This Player?

    It’s like the perfect merging of Portal 2 and the Harlem Globetrotters.

    May 3, 2011
  14. What’s New In Games This Week

    This week’s a big one, especially for PS3 users, with some long awaited faces making some big returns.

    April 18, 2011