1. PHOTOS: Demi Lovato Nude Pics Have Leaked

    X-Factor judge Demi Lovato has a scandal on her hands as nude photos of her leak online. In addition, they’re being shopped by a man claiming Demi is bi-sexual.

    August 28, 2013
  2. PHOTOS: Justin Bieber Naked With Guitar at Grandma’s House

    Who likes to walk around the house naked, singing with a guitar in front of his grandmother? Justin Bieber does. Enjoy the photos, Beliebers.

    August 12, 2013
  3. PHOTOS: Rihanna Posts Up-Close Pics of Her Butt on Instagram

    Rihanna’s Instagram pics are getting deliciously raunchy as she poses for an up-close of her tush for all the Insta-world to see… Check out her pics now.

    August 8, 2013
  4. PHOTO: Rihanna Spreads Legs in Sexy Crystal Bikini on Instagram

    After Rihanna posed for a sexy photo shoot in Barbados, she posted a racy picture on Instagram of her in a car with her legs open, wearing almost nothing.

    August 5, 2013
  5. Miley Cyrus NAKED For Marc Jacobs T-shirt Line [PHOTOS]

    Miley Cyrus posed naked for a Marc Jacobs t-shirt line for a charity campaign in order to cause awareness for skin cancer. Even her mom, Tish Cyrus, buys one!

    July 29, 2013
  6. RAW VIDEO: Naked Man Climbs London Statue and Shuts Down District

    He’s not just naked, but he’s got great balance. Don’t try this on a statue near you!

    November 25, 2012
  7. Talk About Hot – Painted Nude Models Form Motorbikes

    What’s better than a hot ride? How about a sports bike made entirely out of naked, painted models. Check out these amazing photos.

    October 24, 2012
  8. Kate Gosselin Offered Nude TV Gig

    Why?! Why is she still a celebrity? How have we as a society allowed this to happen? Oh well, at least things are getting more interesting and more naked.

    October 20, 2012
  9. Homeowner Greeted by Naked Homeless Woman Using His Shower

    This is why you lock your doors when you leave the house.

    September 27, 2012
  10. Two Dozen British Women Show Boobs in Honor of Dead Friend

    If this guy gets this much action post-life, imagine how much he got when he was alive.

    September 26, 2012