Michael Phelps

  1. 2012′s Biggest Moments Through the Filter of Instagram

    To answer your question, yes, people did do other things besides take pictures of their food and run it through a sepia filter.

    December 19, 2012
  2. Top 10 Photos Aly Raisman has Tweeted of Gymnastics Team Having Fun at the Olympics

    The 2012 US women’s gymnastics team is genuinely fun, especially according to their twitter timelines.

    August 7, 2012
  3. Yes, Michael Phelps, You’re Just Like Michael Jordan: A Douche

    By comparing himself to Michael Jordan, Michael Phelps showed just how much he is exactly like Michael Jordan.

    August 6, 2012
  4. Michael Phelps’ Girlfriend Megan Rossee: His Favorite Stroke

    He’s the brawn and the brains. She’s … easy on the eyes.

    August 6, 2012
  5. US Olympic Judo Fighter Accidentally Eats Weed-Laced Baked Goods

    You ever fight in an Olympic Judo match? You ever fight in an Olympic Judo match on weeeeeeeeeed?

    August 6, 2012
  6. Ryan Lochte Wasted with Boobs in His Face Outside London Club: Photo

    U.S. Olympic Swimmer Ryan Lochte was partying hard and late last night in London.

    August 6, 2012
  7. Michael Phelps’ 18 Gold Medals: A Photo Timeline

    Take a photo tour that stops at every one of Phelps’ Olympic gold medals.

    August 3, 2012
  8. Michael Phelps Lets His Competitors Know They Suck

    Michael Phelps is an amazing athlete and testimony to the Olympic spirit. He’s also kind of a di*k.

    July 30, 2012
  9. Michael Phelps has Fallen, Will Usain Bolt be Next?

    Michael Phelps lost to fellow American Ryan Lochte. Will Usain Bolt lose to fellow Jamaican Yohan Blake?

    July 30, 2012
  10. ‘Call Me Lochte’ Splashes More Ryan Lochte in Michael Phelps’ Face

    Ryan Lochte seems to have won the hearts of America away from Michael Phelps. Lochte now has the all important “Call Me Maybe” parody.

    July 30, 2012