Lady Gaga

  1. PHOTOS: Lady Gaga Walks Out in Almost Naked See-Through Body Stocking

    Lady Gaga stepped out in a sheer body stocking, showing off a nude thong and strategically placed red roses …

    March 29, 2014
  2. WATCH: Lady Gaga Gets ‘Vomit Painted’ on Stage at SXSW

    Who lets someone puke on them as part of their act? … Lady Gaga.

    March 14, 2014
  3. Lady Gaga Visits Jimmy Kimmel in a Coffee-Filter Dress During SXSW

    Lady Gaga visited Jimmy Kimmel while she was in town for South by Southwest. She revealed that she’s been attending many of the concerts and eating lots of barbecue.

    March 14, 2014
  4. PHOTOS: Taylor & Selena — Besties or Frenemies?

    Taylor Swift isn’t speaking to Selena Gomez, and it’s all because she got back with Justin Bieber. Here are pictures to remind us of all the good times the girls shared.

    March 12, 2014
  5. Jordana Brewster: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

    Jordana Brewster plays sultry Elena Ramos on ‘Dallas.’ The third season of the drama premieres tonight and the Brazilian actress is sure to heat up the screen while stirring up som…

    February 24, 2014
  6. Jimmy Fallon’s A-List Line-Up For His First Week as Tonight Show Host

    Jimmy Fallon is taking the Tonight Show by storm as it premieres this coming week. Check out the insane line-up of guests he has on board.

    February 11, 2014
  7. WATCH: Lady Gaga’s Grammys 2014 Tribute to Carole King – MusiCares POTY

    Carole King was honored as MusiCares’ Person of the Year for the 2014 Grammys. Have a look at Lady Gaga’s tribute performance, along with several other stars’.

    January 25, 2014
  8. Paris Fashion Week 2014 Day 1: All the Pictures You Need to See

    Paris Fashion Week kicked off on this week with celebs like Kanye West, Lady Gaga, Zahia Dehar and Donatella Versace making their presence felt.

    January 20, 2014
  9. Celebrities Who Were Strippers Before They Were Famous

    Some of these you may expect and others may shock you… Check out our list of celebrities who dropped their drawers for dollar bills before they became famous.

    January 4, 2014
  10. Lady Gaga Goes Topless in New Versace Ads

    Gaga’s bearing her tatas, this time for Versace.

    January 2, 2014
  11. The Top 5 Pop Music Collaborations of 2013

    From Jay Z and Justin to Katy and John, these celebrities made chart-topping, headline-grabbing music together this year.

    December 30, 2013
  12. The Top 5 Celebrity Feuds of 2013

    From Perez vs. Gaga to Kanye vs. Kimmel, these celebrity duos caused quite the drama this year. Featuring Twitter wars, open letters and fan death threats.

    December 29, 2013
  13. PHOTO: Lady Gaga Goes Naked – Full Frontal Nudity for Candy Magazine

    Lady Gaga is naked again. This time she’s on the cover of the transversal style magazine Candy. Brace yourself …

    December 5, 2013
  14. Lady Gaga’s Most Amazing Photos From the 2013 AMAs

    Lady Gaga arrived to the AMAs on a horse, gave a provocative performance on President R. Kelly’s desk, and more tonight. Check out the crazy pics.

    November 25, 2013
  15. WATCH: Lady Gaga & R. Kelly’s ‘Presidential’ Performance at the AMAs 2013

    Lady Gaga and R. Kelly performed their provocative song “Do What U Want” for the 2013 AMAs in the Oval Office tonight. Check out the performance video here.

    November 24, 2013