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    December 15, 2013
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    December 15, 2013
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    “Is he a wolf in sheep’s clothing? Or just a sheep in wolf’s clothing in sheep’s clothing?”

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    Henry Brommel of ‘Homeland’ has passed away. In turn, his wife accepted his award for him at the 2013 Emmy Awards. Watch the video clip here.

    September 22, 2013
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    Watch the newest trailer for Showtime’s award-winning television drama Homeland. Season three begins September 29.

    August 9, 2013
  9. Dr. Oz Beat Out Homeland?: Wrong Envelope Screw-up at Emmys

    Dr. Oz Beat Out Homeland?: Wrong Envelope Screw-up at Emmys

    June 17, 2013
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    The “Homeland” executive producer has died of a heart attack in his L.A. home.

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    Still waiting for a mashup between Kitten Mittens and Project Runway.

    December 26, 2012
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    Anne Hathaway takes on the role of Claire Danes for this SNL Homeland parody. Complete with all the crying and overacting Claire Danes is known for.

    November 12, 2012
  14. Lebanese Government Threatens to Sue Producers of ‘Homeland’

    Lebanon government officials are threatnening a lawsuit against the producers of the hit Showtime series Homeland.

    October 19, 2012
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    Beating out many favorites, Homeland stormed the Emmys and laid its claim to a number of awards.

    September 24, 2012