1. ‘Duck Dynasty’ Stars Launch Line of 12 Camouflaged Guns

    The collection contains nine shotguns, two semiautomatic rifles and a semiautomatic pistol with a laser sight.

    January 2, 2014
  2. Rapper E-9 Shot Dead in NJ Hair Studio: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

    Eric Andrews Jr., a 28-year-old rapper known as E-9, was killed Sunday night.

    December 31, 2013
  3. Father Shoots 14-Year-Old Stepdaughter Dead in Colorado Springs

    The stepfather is reported to have believed that his stepdaughter was an intruder. She was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

    December 23, 2013
  4. Inventer of AK-47 Rifle Mikhail Kalashnikov Dies at 95

    The man who revolutionized modern weaponry has died.

    December 23, 2013
  5. WATCH: Seattle Bus Passengers Tackle a Gun-Wielding Would-Be Robber

    Trevonnte Brown, 19, puts a gun in a man’s face and gets taken down by a bunch of passengers.

    December 19, 2013
  6. Alan Frazier Named as Reno Hospital Shooter

    Alan Frazier has been identified as shooter at the Center for Advanced Medicine in Reno on December 17. Frazier killed a doctor and wounded two others before taking his own life.

    December 19, 2013
  7. Arapahoe Shooter Was Armed With Molotov Cocktails & 125 Rounds of Ammo

    Pierson had laid out plans to attack five different areas of the school.

    December 17, 2013
  8. WATCH: Footage Shows Comedian Getting Shot Dead at Bally’s Casino

    Police have released security footage showing a man, believed to be Benjamin Frazier, shooting in the Epic nightclub in Las Vegas and killing Californian comedian Kenneth Brown.

    December 12, 2013
  9. Aubrey Peters: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

    Three years after becoming a national hero when she saved two girls from drowning, Aubrey Peters was killed in a tragic shooting accident.

    December 9, 2013
  10. ‘I Want to Be With George’ — Zimmerman’s Girlfriend Wants Charges Dropped

    She “may have misspoken” when she told cops that Trayvon Martin’s killer shoved a gun in her face.

    December 9, 2013
  11. Zimmerman Search Warrant: 3 Handguns, a Shotgun & AR-15 at Girlfriend’s House [DOC]

    New details on the latest drama surrounding the acquitted killer of Trayvon Martin.

    November 26, 2013
  12. Never-Before-Seen Sandy Hook Shooting Crime Scene Evidence Photos

    Broken glass and shattered lives. The disturbing evidence left in the wake of an unimaginable tragedy.

    November 25, 2013
  13. Chilling New Police Photos From Inside the Room of Sandy Hook Shooter Adam Lanza

    Today officials released a slew of new photos from inside the home and room of Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza in Newtown, Connecticut.

    November 25, 2013