1. Aldon Smith Gun Charges: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

    The 49ers Linebacker has been out of commission all season due to a pending drug charge as well.

    October 9, 2013
  2. Promescent, Anti-Premature Ejaculation Spray: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

    Promescent is the new FDA approved spray that claims to prevent premature ejaculation. Do you need it?

    October 4, 2013
  3. Feds Bust Billion-Dollar Online Black Market & Its Leader, ‘Dread Pirate Roberts’

    In the largest seizure of Bitcoin assets in history, the government has shut down an online market that sold drugs and illegal services.

    October 2, 2013
  4. Joseph ‘Rambo’ Hunter, Ex-Soldier Charged in DEA Murder Plot: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

    Five ex-soldiers, including ex-U.S. Army sergeant Joseph “Rambo” Hunter, were arrested amid an alleged conspiracy to kill a DEA agent and an informant.

    September 27, 2013
  5. Miley Cyrus Promotes Drug Use: ‘Weed Is the Best Drug on Earth’

    Miley Cyrus recently stated in an interview that she loves the drugs Molly and marijuana, but she hates cocaine (coke). Read everything she said right here.

    September 27, 2013
  6. Krokodil, Russia’s Flesh-Eating Drug: 5 Videos You Really Shouldn’t Watch

    Here are the five most revolting videos of people taking and suffering from krokodil, the Russian flesh-eating drug.

    September 26, 2013
  7. Flesh-Rotting Drug: 20 Photos of Krokodil Victims You’ll Wish You Never Saw [WARNING: GRAPHIC]

    Here are the most disgusting photos of the effects of krokodil, the flesh-rotting drug that rocked Russia and has just arrived in the United States.

    September 26, 2013
  8. Krokodil, the Drug That Eats Your Flesh: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know [WARNING: GRAPHIC]

    Doctors in Arizona say that Krokodil, an injected drug popular in Russia, has made it to the United States. The drug is known to rot people’s flesh.

    September 26, 2013
  9. Zac Efron Collapses from Alleged ‘Hillbilly Heroin’ Overdose

    Zac Efron allegedly collapsed from a “hillbilly heroin” overdose, using oxycodone. Read on for details.

    September 25, 2013
  10. Lamar Odom Writes Angry Open Letter to Father

    Lamar Odom is fed up with his father Joe making nasty claims against his wife and family. He’s taken to Twitter with an angry open letter. Read it here.

    September 25, 2013
  11. WATCH: Charlie Sheen’s Ex Brooke Mueller Smoking Crack

    Charlie Sheen’s ex Brooke Mueller is caught up-close on video, allegedly smoking crack and talking about a drug deal. Watch the very sad video here.

    September 24, 2013
  12. Marc Eliot’s ‘Nicholson’ Reveals Jack Nicholson’s Alleged Drug Use

    In Marc Eliot’s new book ‘Nicholson,’ details of Jack Nicholson’s alleged drug use throughout the years as well as Jack’s confessions come out. Read on.

    September 19, 2013
  13. WATCH: Lamar Odom States He Doesn’t Have a Drug Problem

    Lamar Odom opens up to cameras about his wife Khloe and says he doesn’t have a drug problem. Check out the details on the video here.

    September 10, 2013
  14. Hippy Crack: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

    Nitrous oxide, aka Hippy Crack, is in the news today after English soccer player Kyle Walker was photographed using the recreational drug with friends.

    September 9, 2013
  15. Eminem High During ESPN Interview: 20 Hilarious Memes & GIFs

    Eminem appeared high during an interview with ESPN at the Notre Dame-U Mich game. The GIF of his zoned out expression is going viral. Here’s that and 20 others.

    September 8, 2013