1. WATCH: Moscow Man Drives 20 Hours to Sochi to Rescue 11 Stray Dogs

    Bring a tissue. You’re gonna get teary-eyed.

    February 7, 2014
  2. Dogs Discovering Snow: 10 Adorable GIFs of Winter Puppies Playing

    There’s even a dog skiing. Seriously.

    December 13, 2013
  3. VIDEO: Dogs Acting Like Humans Compilation, Must-See

    Somebody tell that dog he does not know how to use a computer.

    November 12, 2013
  4. Pets in Onesies: 20 Awwkward Pictures of Animals in Pajamas

    Ever seen a horse in a onesie before? Or a sloth? Me neither. But now I’m glad I have.

    November 11, 2013
  5. Confronted on Camera: Terrible Dude Leaves Dog in Car in 104 Degree Heat

    Good thing this guy yells at him for several minutes.

    November 11, 2013
  6. Animals Caught Mid-Sneeze: 20 Hilarious Pics of Pets Sneezing

    It’s “awww”-dorable but also LOL funny.

    November 6, 2013
  7. VIDEO: Girl Sings ‘Why Can’t We Be Friends,’ Demon Chihuahua Bites Her

    “Demon chihuahua” is actually redundant as most of these rats with homes are evil to the core.

    November 5, 2013
  8. The 20 Most Adorable Halloween Costumes for Dogs, Cats & Other Animals

    For these tricks they deserve all the treats. Get ready to say “awwww.”

    October 21, 2013
  9. The 40 Funniest Pictures & GIFs of Animals Being ‘Derps’

    All animals are derps. Some just end up on camera.

    October 10, 2013
  10. Pit Bull Bites Student’s Face at High School, Forces Lockdown

    The offending pooch was one of a pack of dogs said to be “roaming” the area.

    October 7, 2013
  11. ‘Stoner Dogs’ — 20 Hilarious Pics of the Newest Meme Based Off ’10 Guy’

    ’10 Dog’ is a new meme based off of the stoned 10 Guy meme. But everything is better with puppies, right?

    October 6, 2013
  12. Woman With Long History of Animal Cruelty Is Eaten by Her Own Dogs

    Patricia Ritz had numerous convictions dating back as far as 1986, but it looks as though her dogs took matters into their own hands.

    September 26, 2013
  13. ‘I Just Threw Up a Thong’ — The 20 Funniest Pictures of Dog Shaming

    Since you can’t stay mad at your dog, at least you can embarrass them.

    September 25, 2013