Diane Lane

  1. Diane Lane & Josh Brolin Divorce Is Final

    Diane Lane and Josh Brolin’s divorce has is officially done, but Diane wants something very important back. Read on for details.

    December 2, 2013
  2. Diane Lane as Hillary Clinton New Miniseries: ‘Life As Wife, Mother, Politician’…

    Hillary Clinton is coming out with a new miniseries on NBC that will outline her life from 1998 to the present, the starring role will be played by Diane Lane.

    July 29, 2013
  3. New ‘Man of Steel’ Trailer’ The Fate of the Planet Rest on Superman

    This single trailer is better than Iron Man 3. There, I said it.

    May 22, 2013
  4. The Top 10 Raunchiest Sex Scenes of All Time

    Movie audiences love a good sex scene. Hell, even a bad sex scene. Here’s 10 of the raunchiest, hottest and sexiest scenes ever filmed for cinematic audiences.

    August 4, 2012
  5. New On Netflix: Streets Of Fire

    Walter Hill’s totally awesome “rock n roll fable” stars Michael Pare as a soldier of fortune called into rescue Diane Lane from the clutches of Willem Dafoe and his evil motorcycle gang.

    August 17, 2011
  6. New On Netflix: The Outsiders

    Are you a Greaser or a Soc? Go back to a time when rival gangs ruled the dirt roads of Oklahoma with the film that launched a hundred young careers. Ponyboy!

    January 13, 2011
  7. Secretariat Review: Beats Two Hours at OTB

    When I think of horse racing, I think of innocence lost in a midtown Manhattan OTB. Since Secretariat is a Disney product, I expected something with a little more, shall we say, flair. Did they deliver? Find out inside…

    October 11, 2010
  8. Secretariat Movie Trailer

    A horse is a horse, of course of course, unless that horse wins the Triple Crown. Then it becomes the stuff of legend. Watch the trailer for Secretariat.

    October 11, 2010
  9. Full Release: Movies

    This week’s new movies include horse drama Secretariat, Wes Craven’s My Soul To Take, Edward Norton in Stone and the latest Katherine Heigl rom-com Life As We Know It.

    October 8, 2010