Bobby Brown

  1. Bobby Brown Angry Over Daughter Bobbi Kristina’s Engagement

    Bobby Brown is not happy over the engagement of daughter Bobbi Kristina to Nick Gordon, her “brother” who’s not her “brother”. Check out what Bobby had to say.

    July 16, 2013
  2. Whitney Houston’s Daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown Evicted

    Bobbi Kristina Brown, daughter of Whitney Houston, gets evicted from Georgia apartment due to noise complaints. Photo of note from Bobbi Kris to neighbors here.

    June 5, 2013
  3. Bobby Brown Serves 55 Day Jail Sentence in Just NINE Hours

    The jails are full, so the R&B singer doesn’t have to stay behind bars.

    March 21, 2013
  4. Bobby Brown Sentenced to 55 Days in Jail After Third DUI Charge

    The Los Angeles county jail is going to have a celebrity member next month!

    February 26, 2013
  5. Whitney Houston’s Brother Michael Got Her Into Crack

    So Bobby Brown’s off the hook.

    January 29, 2013
  6. Top 10 Oprah Winfrey Interviews that Made Major Headlines

    Lance Armstrong is just the latest news-making interview for Oprah, whose greatest hits include Whitney, Tom Cruise and Michael Jackson.

    January 16, 2013
  7. Trainwreck 100: Bobby Brown

    He married and divorced one of the most famous singers in the world, dragging her down into an abyss of drug abuse and reality TV.

    November 6, 2009