Fur Fetishist Buys Fur Suit Instead of Paying Rent, Roommate Shoots It With Shotgun

Published:1:46 pm EDT, November 11, 2013| Updated:1:46 pm EDT, November 11, 2013|

This is what happens when you buy a fur suit instead of paying rent, and your roommate owns a shotgun, apparently.

If you're unclear on the term "fur fetishist," these are people who dress up as animals using fur suits, typically these animals are akin to cartoon characters. Oftentimes, the anthropomorphizing is sexual, but it can also be tied to their identity as a person, and involve non-sexual activity. Fur fetishists are commonly referred to as "furrys."

A furry's fur-donning identity is called their "fursona."

This video was found as the number 6 post on the videos subreddit under the title "Some furry buys fursuit instead of paying his part of the rent, flatmate takes a shotgun to it."

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