The 5 Funniest September YouTube Videos You Need to See

Published:12:32 am EDT, October 14, 2013| Updated:1:44 pm EDT, October 14, 2013|

Every day of the week, self-described "YouTube Expert" Danny Vega, picks the 5 Funniest Videos You Need to See Today. Be sure to email him (danny at heavy dot com) if you have any funny videos you would like to be considered.

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5. Rape: It's Your Fault by All India Bakchod

Brilliant victim blaming parody, insightful and edgy — comedy at its finest.

4.Waking Up Your Dog with the Appropriate Sound by Ben Lucier

All it takes is finding the proper sound, Ben learns in this canine-driven classic.

3. Seeing His Wife for the First Time Again by Jason Mortenson

Jason, in his forgetful state, gets to see his wife for the first time again and finds himself instantly in love, and wanting to see her butt.

2. Bat Dad Compilation by Batdad Vine

He's the hero of suburbia, and he's funnier than anything we've seen on Vine yet.

1. Key and Peele on Getting Caught with Internet Porn uploaded by Red4240

Classic, relatable, and an amazing ending. This is our top pick of September without question.'s Popular Social Posts
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