Washington Bravehearts: Top Tweet Reactions to the Potential Name Change

Published:12:52 pm EDT, October 25, 2013| Updated:12:52 pm EDT, October 25, 2013|

After a report from TMZ suggested that the Redskins may be on the cusp of changing their name to the Washington Bravehearts. This is based on Dan Snyder, the owner of the team registering the trademark. Twitter reacted to the notion that the team may now be called the Bravehearts.

Mel Gibson Jokes Never Get Old


Worst Logo Ever

A Valid Point, This Could Get Confusing

People Gettin' Mad

Another Perspective on the NAS Tie-In

Better Mel Gibson Joke

This Guy is SERIOUS About the Name

This Guy Gets Irony

And This Guy Gets the Point

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