10 Extremely Satisfying Videos Under 30 Seconds

Published:12:52 pm EDT, October 17, 2013| Updated:1:33 pm EDT, October 17, 2013|

I can't get no satisfaction.

-Mick Jagger

Here are 10 Extremely Satisfying Videos Under 30 Seconds. Each is guaranteed to set up an expectation and quickly, properly meet it for your feel-good satisfaction. Please share this with Mick if you can.

10. Kicking a Mushroom at 240 Frames Per Second

9.White Blood Cell Catches Bad Bacteria

8. 40 Square Feet of Bubble Wrap Popped at Once by Machine

7. Steel Being Cut Like Butter

6. Creamy, Rich Espresso Drips

5. Instant Karma for a Jerk on a Bike

4.Shaving Excess off Glass for a Smooth Finish

3. Breaking a Window of Ice

2. An Efficient and Effective Pit Stop

1. A Can Perfectly Slides into a Mug

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