Eminem’s ‘Rap God’ Music Video Starring Only a Pug [VIDEO]

Published:7:37 am EDT, October 21, 2013| Updated:7:43 am EDT, October 21, 2013|

YouTuber CTNMVH has released this hilarious music video for "Rap God" starring his pug. This pug is clearly a bit of a thug. He dons a red hoodie, pushes furniture down stairs, and even does some graffiti.

Heavy.com has previously featured CTNMVH's work in our 5 Funniest Videos series including "Dropping Food on the Floor" and "Breaking Bad Pug Parody: Gus Goes to See Hector."

The pug version of Eminem's "Rap God" only has 1,000 views so far, but it will likely gain more traction as the day progress and as Reddit wakes up. It currently has over 300 upvotes on the social media site, but in a medium-sized subreddit: hiphopheads.

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