The 5 Funniest YouTube Videos You Need to See Today — 10.20.13

Published:3:33 pm EDT, October 20, 2013| Updated:3:33 pm EDT, October 20, 2013|

Every day of the week, self-described "YouTube Expert" Danny Vega, picks the 5 Funniest Videos You Need to See Today. Be sure to email him (danny at heavy dot com) if you have any funny videos or a funny channel you would like to be considered.

5. "Hold Your Phone Sideways, You Maniac by JamesMontalBano

A classic Vine with a message that the world needs to hear.

4.New York 5: Busker Edition by Matthew Levy

Funny and informative, this video shows off some of New York City's finest Buskers while a goofy personality tells the story.

3. Pumpkins: A Love Story by ChicoComedy

Pumpkins fall in love, but as Halloween approaches, something is bound to go wrong.

2. WTF Computer via 7SecVideos

Deliciously brief Vine that's hard to resist, even if you hate Macs.

1. iWork by Edbassmaster

EdBassmaster delivers another bizarre character bothering people and let's face it, in terms of YouTube pranks, Ed is one of those people who actually brings some personality to the table — not that the rare high-production value prank isn't amazing.

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