Apparently, Doing a TED Talk is Like Being Trapped at ‘Scientology Summer Camp’

Published:10:28 am EDT, September 19, 2013| Updated:10:30 am EDT, September 19, 2013|

Restaurateur Eddie Huang was forced to stay with a roommate, attend 13 hours of events a day, and lost his fellowship after leaving the conference for a day. Huang pours out the goods to Joe Rogan's quips and observations.

Beyond the absurd requirements, TED also apparently prompts people to give standing ovations, insisting that some people get them, while others don't have to (but you really should). Joe even says at one point "you guys need to get Vice to do a documentary exposing TED." It's an insane look at a media company that the two maintain produces amazing content, but may be heading toward the cultishness of Scientology due to an insane power structure.

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