5 Weirdly Hilarious Stand Up Comedians You’ve Probably Never Seen

Published:2:15 am EDT, September 16, 2013| Updated:1:44 pm EDT, September 17, 2013|

As a big stand-up fan and aspiring comedian, I try to watch as much stand-up as possible. While I like most of the biggest names in comedy now, I think it's undeniable that mainstream stand-up is similar to pop music: it all kind of starts to feel the same. Sure, everyone brings their own unique perspective to the table, but ultimately, the kinds of topics, and the types of jokes are all very similar. They're relatable topics like relationships, having a kid, or being married. Sometimes though, we crave something out of the regular, and these are 5 stand-up comedians that do comedy in a very different, albeit hilarious, way.

5. John Ramsey on Why It Makes Sense to Believe in Unicorns

"Is it rude to charge a pet deposit for a centaur?"

4. Anto Chan on Why Cantonese is the Hardest Language to Learn Ever

"Chan, like my face."

3. Justin Hagerman Does R-Rated Set in Front of Kids

"I'm going to hold out my hand, filled with sperm."

Ok, technically, he's not that weird, but the situation is so bizarre, it's funny for completely bizarre reasons.

2. Jon Dore Just Has Plain Weird Jokes and Then It Gets Weirder

"You think this is easy?!"

1. Awkward Norwegian, Daniel Simonson, Makes His Uncomfortable Life Comfortable, and Hilarious

"Anybody been to the bank?"

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