WATCH: Redditors Obsessed with Slow Motion Posting Videos of Girlfriends’ Bouncing Bussoms

Published:1:59 am EDT, September 23, 2013| Updated:4:50 pm EDT, September 23, 2013|

Several hours ago, we reported on a video making its way to the top of a section of the video section of reddit, a drag race shot in the iPhone 5s' new slow motion mode. While Reddit was impressed, the tides quickly turned toward competition of the phone slow motion variety involving girlfriends and their breasts. Check out these videos and the controversy below.

1. User "Hobostabs" posted this video as "Testing out the new iPhone slow-mo camera on my girlfriend boobs."

2. User Winterspan posted his own, making things competitive, as "Girlfriend saw iPhone boobs slow-mo and said she could do better... Nailed it!"

3. User TestNamePlzIgnore adds to the fire with a post entitled "Got the galaxy note 2 is already about a year old and it has slo mo. Enjoy these boobies bouncing at 1/8th speed."

4. User DangerousBrian settles the matter with what may be the final post entitled "Gold standard for slowmo boobs"

5. Controversial: It's the Video YouTube Doesn't Want You to See

User TrippedOutFish tried to share his own video, under the title "You tested out the iPhone 5s, I just realized I had this on my HTC Droid DNA. NSFW", and found himself bizarrely censored by not only YouTube, but LiveLeak as well -- LiveLeak, you know, the guys who regularly feature beheadings, shootings, and horrifically terrible car accidents, well, they think these boobs are too much. Check out the .gif here, you know, if you can handle it.

We'll see where this trend takes us, but I have a feeling Reddit isn't done with the slow mo boobs movement. There was a comment jokingly referring to a new subreddit called r/slowmoboobs, but it wouldn't surprise me if this shot up tomorrow. Time will tell, and it will also, apparently, tell us about boobs too quickly (so it needs to be slowed down).

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