WATCH: Huge Marlin Jumps onto Boat, Nearly Impales a Guy

Published:7:28 am EDT, September 6, 2013| Updated:12:06 am EDT, September 7, 2013|

Ah, fishing. There's a lot of good parts. You get to be at sea, or at least in a lake. You get to drink. You get to hang with your buddies. It's really the perfect little weekend activity. Until, of course, you catch something that's bigger than your own body and it nearly impales you with its sharp snout. Snout? Is that what it is? I googled it, and yes, it is technically called a snout. Personally, I think it should be called a spire, a sword even, because that thing can turn you from a happy-go-lucky fisherman into a kebab in about two seconds. Be safe out there, guys, because while no one in this video gets hurt (well one guy does fall), someone could have easily died.

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