The 10 Funniest Videos of All Time

Published:11:28 am EDT, September 17, 2013| Updated:11:28 am EDT, September 17, 2013|

100s of videos later, we've finally arrived at what we believe to be 10 of the funniest videos on YouTube. Check these hilarious clips out and let us know if you have anything better in the comments. We guarantee they won't disappoint, unless of course you're trying to get sad.

1.Gang Fight! Knocked Out!

We're not going to describe anything that happens in this video. Just trust us. It's funny.

2. Baby Prank Reversal at the Fire Station

While we enjoy run-of-the-mill pranking videos on YouTube, this video has something sweeter: the person getting pranked deserves it. This dude actually thought pretending to be a baby in front of a fire department was a funny idea. So lame, but it's so delicious when he finally gets what he deserves.

3. Kid Gets Caught Smoking Weed by Mom While Playing Games Online With Friends

This video has everything. It's got a kid lying his brains out, a mom getting super angry, a situation we can all relate with, and his cackling friends being horrible as they witness the whole event online. What more can you ask?

4. Japanase Dinosaur Prank

Simple and stupid, but this one gets us every time.

5. Sarah Silverman's Dirty Smartphone Hack (Explicit)

It's so simple yet so genius.

6. Fat Kids Love Bacon

A viral classic, but bottom line this kid really loves his bacon.

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7. Convos With My Two Year Old (Pilot)

This series is doing extremely well on YouTube and while all the episodes are good, the pilot so to speak, is the best.

8. Hey Dad, Catch!

A simple enough prank, but dad's reaction here is what makes this so great.

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9. Smoking by Kyle

So happy this guy is on SNL, this classic will never die, as long as people are smoking pot anyway because anyone who does KNOWS THIS EXACT PERSON.

10.Animatronic Band Plays 'Pop Lock and Drop It'

This just works on every level.

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