What is Street Food?

Published:4:48 pm EDT, August 26, 2013| Updated:6:58 pm EDT, August 30, 2013|

Street Food: Yum-Yums Sold Where Cars Go or People Walk

And by yums-yums, we mean things you can eat.

While street food is older than the hills conceptually(dating back to ancient Greece), it has become a much bigger industry more recently with the mass popularization of the "food truck." Food trucks have low overhead costs and hence can sell better food for less money that conventional restaurants, or at least, on the face of it. The practical reality is that street vendors face myriad problems with local legislators due to issues like, some dude's car being parked in the same for 11 hours a day. Regardless, street food gives entrepreneurs and specialty foods a shot at the big time without the high overhead and upfront costs that plague conventional restaurants, hence their popularization and the inclusion of the term "street food" into the dictionary.

Usage Examples:

• I'm drunk. Let's get street food and then regret it all tomorrow.
• My favorite street food is this old guy who sells chocolate covered bologna.
• If you get into a street fight, just be sure not to run into any street food vendors.


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