What Does Squee Mean?

Published:4:48 pm EDT, August 26, 2013| Updated:2:14 pm EDT, August 30, 2013|


Squee: a sound you make when you're excited

Usage examples:

"Oh my God! It's Lady Gaga! Squee! Squee!"

"I just won a million dollars! Squee! Squee!"

"My friend who says squee just moved far, far away! Squee! Squee!"

Why You Shouldn't Say Squee

1. It's annoying, inherently high-pitched, and no one likes it.

2. Just because it's in the dictionary now doesn't mean you should say it. Lots of words that are in the dictionary don't need to be said.

3. Squeegee is a great word, just say squeegee.

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