The 5 Funniest YouTube Videos You Need to See Today — 8.23.13

Published:6:49 pm EDT, August 23, 2013| Updated:7:31 pm EDT, October 9, 2013|

Another day, another horde of YouTube videos. In this daily series, we sort the funny from the not-so-funny and provide you with the chuckles, yucks, and general lols you want in these videos you need to see. Why? Because it's fun. And the Internet can be a good time, as long as you don't fall into the "weird part of YouTube." Did you miss the funny yesterday? See yesterday's picks here.

5. Another Beauty Pagaent Q&A Fail

These apparently happen like clockwork.

4.How to Stop Her Crying

A man discovers a simple way to stop his daughter from crying.

3. Twerking to Classical Music

Ready for this phase to die, but it's still a decent final hurrah.

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2. Fried Gnocchi Gets Crazy

You might think frying something will just make it greasy and delicious. Not always, sometimes the results are far crazier.

1. Jim Jefferies' Funny, Sad, Touching, and Thoroughly Entertaining Story of Taking His Disabled Friend to a Brothel

Clocking in at 25 minutes, it's a bit of a committment, but trust me it's worth it. Jefferies remembers all the wonderful details and in the end says some really positive things about prostitution, the disabled, and ultimately, being a good family member and friend. It's a touching tale with plenty of laughs along the way.

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