What’s a Blondie?

Published:3:47 pm EDT, August 26, 2013| Updated:5:43 pm EDT, August 30, 2013|

Blondie: A Brownie Without Chocolate

Delicious, but brownies are still better.

A blondie is technically supposed to have a flavor reminiscent of butterscotch, but despite the draconian baker description, it's usually just a non-brown brownie. Hence, white chocolate brownies are often described as blondies, even if they are technically just well, white brownies. Look, I get why this might be a relevant distinct if you don't like chocolate or are allergic to it, but otherwise, we might as well rally behind the treat we all want to eat, and that's a white chocolate brownie. Butterscotch? Are you kidding me? I have literally never heard a human being say they like butterscotch. Never.

Usage Examples:

• This blondie is delicious, especially compared to those oatmeal raisin cookies that belong in the trash can.
• Well, I guess I could go for a palette cleanser after eating that palette of brownies, do you have a few hundred blondies?
• My grandma fed me a butterscotch blondie once so I didn't attend her funeral.


Blondie is also a musician and term for blonde people.

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