Restaurant Proves Burritos are the Size of a Baby with Actual Babies

Published:11:38 am EDT, July 1, 2013| Updated:11:40 am EDT, July 1, 2013|

A good burrito is a thing of wonder. It's everything you could want in a meal all wrapped up in a warm tortilla - like a delicious baby of food in a blanket. Seattle restaurant Goridtos not only makes burritos that are the size of a baby, they're proving it with a photo wall comparing their burritos to actual newborn babies.

Just look at all those delicious babies burritos...

babies gorditos burritos

Parents even have the option to bring their little one in for a photo shoot with the 4 pounder burritos and get a free meal! Take your kid for an expensive photo shoot or get a new photo and free burrito? Ummm, that's a no-brainer really. Camille looks particularly delicious.


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