‘Real Life’ Superman Takes Flight Above California Coast

Published:12:45 pm EDT, June 28, 2013| Updated:12:45 pm EDT, June 28, 2013|

Of course, someone with the Man Of Steel's powers couldn't actually exist, but if he were to his power of flight might look something like this.

Superman takes flight over California (Reuters)

Superman takes flight over California (Reuters)

In reality, this Superman is far from a living legend, or any combination of the two. He (or rather it), is a radio-controlled plane created by designer Otto Dieffenbach, With business partner Ed Hanley, Dieffenbach plans on selling his designs of radio-controlled planes modeled off real-life people, objects and pop culture icons like Superman.

It may not be as bombastic as Superman's latest film outing, but as far as Superman in the real world goes, it's certainty a start.

superman flight

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