‘Pee’ & ‘Cough’ … Johnny Cash To-Do List Reveals a Lot About the Deceased Man in Black

Published:1:26 pm EDT, June 26, 2013| Updated:1:54 pm EDT, June 26, 2013|

johnny cash, todo, to-do, list, funny, to do

Johnny Cash might have been a lot of things, but don't call him disorganized.

The famous country bad boy's handwritten "to-do list" has been making the rounds on the web recently thanks to Twitter-user @Lettersofnote, and it provides some humorous insight into the Man in Black's life.

Included are such subtleties as "pee" and "eat."

But also "not smoke" and "not kiss anyone else."

Check it out below.

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johnny cash, to-do list, todo, to do, funny

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