10 Canadians You Should Be Following on Twitter

Published:4:33 pm EDT, June 12, 2013| Updated:4:00 pm EDT, June 13, 2013|


These Canadians love their blue and white: Maple Leafs - and Twitter. If you're online, give these tweeters a follow - or better yet, tweet them. Here's who you should watch for:

1. Justin Bieber @justinbieber

If you're a belieber...belieb, er, believe this. Justin Bieber wants to thank everyone, every tweet of the day. He's grateful for everything in his life - and doesn't hesitate to tweet about it. Since social networking is a form of self-expression, we've come to the conclusion that Justin Bieber loves everyone - including himself (a lot).

2. Drake @Drake

As a rapper, Drake knows how to use his words and eloquently quote clichés. This isn't further from the truth on Twitter, where he throws subliminal messages into his tweets - and expects us to comprehend what he's saying. Well, occasionally he makes sense...

3. deadmau5 @deadmau5

DJs are experts at mixing the most random sounds - and tweets - together. Yet, somehow it works. deadmau5 is no exception.

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4. Brett Lawrie @blawrie13

Brett Lawrie loves his blue and white. As a Toronto Blue Jay, Brett isn't afraid to swing his bat and slide into home run - on and off the field. Just look at how he deals with beef.

5. Seth Rogen @Sethrogen

On his Twitter, Seth Rogen alludes crude n' rude connotations to his feuds. But, he's hilarious - so we're totally okay with it!

6. Russell Peters @therealrussellp

Russell Peters practices and preaches his humour in regards to "colour." Warning: the following tweets may be offensive to some - readers.

7. Jim Carrey @JimCarrey

Jim Carrey may not be a pro tweeter, but he's definitely a pro at stirring up the pot.

8. Howie Mandel @howiemandel

Deal or no deal, Howie Mandel is one punny dude...

9. Georges St-Pierre @GeorgesStPierre

A Canuck MMA/UFC fighter, Georges St. Pierre shares some inspirational words of wisdom for a stronger mind. Well, most of them aren't his.

10. William Shatner @WilliamShatner

From Star Trek to Boston Legal, William Shatner has come a long way - and his tweets account for that.

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