Funny Chiropractor Sign, Dr. Hardick Wants to Jump Your Bones

Published:10:55 am EDT, May 1, 2013| Updated:11:13 am EDT, May 1, 2013|

If you're looking for a good chiropractor, may we recommend the Hardick Chiropractic Centre? They just know their way around a bone. The Ontario based chiropractic clinic popped up on Reddit recently, but surely has long been the point of mockery for any passing middle schoolers.

hardick chiropractic centre

And if the title wasn't enough, look at the names - Dr. B.J. Harddick. Yes! How did this guy not end up not pursuing a career in the adult entertainment industry with a name like B.J. Hardick?! He could have been a porno king! a perfect world I guess. Still, kudos to the Hardicks for giving a little juvenile humor to the people of London, Ontario. Beavis and Butt-Head would surely approve.


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