WATCH: Dove Points Out the Real Beauty of Men’s Junk

Published:11:18 am EDT, May 2, 2013| Updated:3:23 pm EDT, May 7, 2013|

By now you've probably seen the Dove Real Beauty ad posted on the wall of every girl you know on Facebook. Seriously, that Dove ad was more popular than the first Star Wars film.

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Now Dove has turned its focus to men and the often misunderstood beauty of their balls. Yes, a man's balls often get a bad rap. They're wrinkly, hairy, and more often than not kind of smell funny and just hang there. Stand tall men of the world and know that your junk is more beautiful than you think!

Okay, so Dove isn't behind this ad, but it's still a pretty well done parody without being too raunchy and has racked up over half a million views on YouTube since yesterday. Clearly the internet is a fan of balls.

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