Man Eats a Dozen Krispy Creme Donuts in 45 Seconds [VIDEO]

Published:9:32 am EDT, April 12, 2013| Updated:9:51 am EDT, April 12, 2013|

Canada's most famous competitive eater, Furious Pete, is showing off his speed eating-chops in a new video showing him put back a 12-pack of Krispy Kreme Donuts in just 45 seconds.

With nothing but a little water to wash them down, Furious Pete hammers back sweet confection after sweet confection with mind-boggling speed.

"I took on a dozen krispy kreme donuts. I ate them in a parking lot," reads the video's description, "It was hot and sexy and sweet and delicious."

And pretty unbelievable to watch. Check it out.

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